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The In-pen-ity Gauntlet & Good Gifting

You may have heard that some of the population was up for gifts this Sunday. I am among that number, and while I got a cache of tremendously affecting treasures, this one begs to be shared. It’s for the writer in your life. It’s called the in-pen-ity gauntlet!

Now what happens when I snap? No one can quite say. With any luck, I’ll snap coronavirus off the face of the earth. If only…

Gifting is a strange and glorious thing living under the coronavirus regime. Do you order something? Gift some treasure of your own? Make something? Whatever the item, it feels giddy and extravagant amid our new hunter-gatherer society to receive (or give) a gift.

Now, someone tried to give me a stranger’s pandemic popcorn, and I just…no. But my mom brought my family scones one day. Another day my parents brought staples (not the metal kind but the food kind) and set them in the box on our porch. We’ve had a birthday parade complete with a paper airplane shot from a car with a homemade crossbow. The neighbors put a full-garage sign up for Third’s big day. I’ve received the gift of office attire for my new job that I do at home presently.

But today, amid some things that I won’t share here, I received this good and perfect gift from Middling. Where, you may ask, did he find the leather? Welp. He harvested that from a whole piece we’ve had in the garage for years. I almost can’t blame him. The button? No idea. The pens were already mine, though the purple one looks a mite chewed by the puppy.

It’s a gift that took thought and effort and sacrifice and ingenuity. It’s a treasure.

I hope you treasure something today. I hope you find new things to treasure and to give as treasures.

Oh, and watch for the benevolent snap to come…

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