Official Writerly Bio

Amanda Salisbury is author of The Founding of Josiah Turn, a self-published novel, and the author-illustrator of Moon Mail and Star Kisses, a picture book. She writes short fiction at Patreon.com/AmandaSalisbury.

A Bit About Me

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Though I’ve left for short periods, I’ve always called Oklahoma home. But Oklahoma is really my second home. For me, Oklahoma implies family and house and work and church. All of which is changeable and changing.

Stories are my first home. From the earliest I can remember to this day, I feel most at home in stories — mine and others’. I try to share that feeling, of being at home in a story, with everyone.

My three boys, known here and elsewhere online as Eldest, Middling, and Third, are teens or nearly so. My husband studies spreadsheets and gets paid for it. I get paid primarily for policy work at a state agency. The five of us currently work and school from home during COVID times. It’s sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, and always an adventure.

By the way, Cara runs the house.

And I write and draw. I tell stories. I hope you find a home in your story!

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