Official Writerly Bio

Amanda Salisbury is author of The Founding of Josiah Turn, a self-published novel, and the author-illustrator of Moon Mail and Star Kisses, a picture book. She writes short fiction at Patreon.com/AmandaSalisbury.

A Bit About Me

I was born at Altus Air Force Base in Altus, Oklahoma, and I grew up in the small town of Mangum, Oklahoma. The youngest of three children, I left for college after securing peanut butter for my dad and hoping my parents could carry on without me. [Boy could they!]

I consumed history and pre-law studies at Oklahoma Christian before entering law school at Oklahoma City University. I worked in school law before heading back for a master degree in business administration. After five years in local corporate law and suffering from raging postpartum depression, I stepped back to be a full-time mother and homeschooled my three boys for a few years.

Pro tip: If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, I highly recommend law school. Within the first two semesters, you will secretly do during class that which you ought to be doing out in the world. You’ll practice that thing you ought to be doing even when you face imminent public humiliation from being called upon to recite and are so engaged in your other passion that you have lost the thread of the class. I know students who wrote random sentences in French, drew architectural designs, drew cartoons, planned fancy parties, and so on. I know many who practiced the law every day, too, and they are tremendous attorneys.

Yet, stories have always held my passion, and books as a natural extension. Our WPA-built public library in my hometown was (is) definitely haunted, but I adored being there anyway. Throughout all levels of school, I wrote. When I should have been reading. When I should have been taking notes. I filled page after page with stories. It wasn’t that I couldn’t rise to the level of law school; I performed well in classes and I enjoyed the work. It was that I was intended for something else.

My three boys, known here and elsewhere online as Eldest, Middling, and Third, are teens or nearly so. My husband manipulates spreadsheets and gets paid for it. And I write and draw. Someday I will pay off all that student debt doing this thing I love. In the meantime, enjoy the story!

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