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Or brown, depending on the time of year. Seldom white. Often swathes of red clay. These are my primary memories of road trips over the last several years.

Enter car. Fall asleep. Wake briefly a few times. And tada! Arrived. Exit car.

Last weekend, my family took a road trip. We traveled the Talimena Scenic Drive from our home to Talihina, Oklahoma, to Mena, Arkansas, across what we flat landers affectionately call mountains, and back home.

In times past, my remembered view would have been something like this:

Exhibit A

Hazy green washed across my window.

Last weekend, my view included this:

And of course scenes of my frolicking children and long suffering husband, but you all know I don’t share those in this place.

More than pics, I have memories. Solid mental objects to hold and examine. And hopefully my family has more of me in their memories of our eight-hour tour.

I’ve said it too many times in the last several months, but I’ll indulge in saying it still…being awake is wild. To adventures, large and small! May you find safe adventures even in the time of Covid.

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