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To blogs!

When I left social media at the beginning of December, the reasons were several. I refocused on this blog for more reasons, and Chuck Wendig brilliantly stacked them up for us all: Old Man Blogs at Cloud.

This is my space, and sometimes it doesn’t feel very social. It feels quite one-way. And yet it feels free. Free from the drama of social spaces. Free from the distraction of so many voices muddling my own, internally.

Thank you, Mr. Wendig, for communicating the reasons for this old fashioned medium. And thank you for reading.

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One response to “To blogs!”

  1. I’m spending much more time on my blog than social media. It can be frustrating when you can’t sort out why one post gets gobs of likes and comments and another post (on a similar topic) gets nothing but crickets chirping in the distance. Still, I find it far more rewarding than anything on social media (except for cat memes :)) ).

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