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Discipline: Depression and Anxiety

Trigger Warning: This post contains an account of suicidal ideation and intent. You know how people say you should never pray for patience? We all know that we will be faced with something problematic until our own response becomes settled. Praying for it expresses desire, a great jumping off point. But regardless of our desire, problems personal to our own journey will still be there. We just won’t look them directly in the eye, because avoidance is a pure drug. Both Richard Foster (Celebration of Discipline) and Julia Cameron (The… Read more Discipline: Depression and Anxiety

Discipline: Morning Pages

For you who are playing along at home, no, I’m not addressing discipline in a very, ahem, disciplined manner. Which is to say, I’m all over the place. First, I talked about disciplined parenting. Next, mindfulness as a spiritual discipline. Now, morning pages. When I began research for this year’s theme, one writing discipline cropped up over and over. Morning pages. The best way I can describe it is: flushing the line. Think intravenous port. Sometimes the nurse injects saline to clear out the blood or stuff in there. Or brakes.… Read more Discipline: Morning Pages

Discipline: Spiritual Disciplines Handbook

I touched on this last week, but measuring growth in discipline is not a thing my spreadsheets have allowed. When I finally received one of the recommended* books on spiritual disciplines [Spiritual Disciplines Handbook], it affirmed my big fear: discipline is not a well-measured affair. The author, Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, went so far as to caution readers against reading the whole book through. She advised the reader to let the Spirit guide her to a single discipline to address at a time. I took the inventory in the back of… Read more Discipline: Spiritual Disciplines Handbook