If you’re looking for specific content not related to my books, it’s probably in one of these categories:

Annual Themes

I’ve set a theme every year since 2015. Results vary. Since 2016, I’ve shared some insights from my themes. The information herein is not legal advice, definitely not psychological advice, and will likely talk about depression, anxiety, conversion disorder, Christianity, psychiatry, kids, books, and goals, with a dash of dreams perchance.

  • Build (2021)
  • Vision (2020)
  • Planting & Watering (2019)
  • Ambition (2018)
  • Discipline (2017)
  • Reinvention (2016)

Book Camp

Eep! Book camp is my favorite thing! This is a week each summer when my two nieces and three sons and I make art! We study books and stories and how they work orally, in writing, and visually! We eat doughnuts! I mean, it’s a fabulous, beautiful thing!

Kitchen Intuition

This topic encompasses my love of cookbooks, recipes I cobble together for comfort and lack of specific ingredients, and any other food-related stuffs I stumble upon.