Book Camp

Acrid, Astringent, & Often Disagreeable–Book Camp 2020, Day 10

And this time it’s not interpersonal conflict!

Today we spent a fair bit of time brainstorming story titles. We came up with MANY. Narrowing to six, we sent to the parents and grandparents. They tied in their choices and greatly disliked the clearest (but not unanimous) favorite.

We brainstormed more. Tried one more with the ‘rents. It was not adored.

At some point we fell into “bitter” and searched definitions. That’s where the blog title today came from. I think it would make a terrific story title. Bonus: it accurately describes specific pieces of Book Camp this year. So many meanings!

Plus, it’s just fun to say.

Alas! I could get no takers. So we set aside the titling.

Two maps were drawn today with Inkarnate. A front cover was nearly nailed down. A press kit was two-thirds completed. And the story is just over 9,000 words. Our aim is 12,000.

It’s been a calm day. Mostly. Uproarious. But mellow. The kind of day that makes you think it could go on forever.

But it won’t. And we wouldn’t really want it to. It would dull the specialness of the time together if we were never apart.

The fort is trashed. The snack bar emptied. The work scattered throughout our encampment. Without our intern, Twiz, we’d be utterly lost.

But we’re happy. Our hearts are full. Our wills are unified, even if our titles aren’t. A good intern can make a world of difference!

Here, have a sweet puppy and A.D. photo from last night, after the not-so-littles went to beds.

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