Kickstarter, June 2014 – Funding Unsuccessful


This campaign expired unsuccessfully this afternoon. The ride has been (mostly) wonderful, and I’m glad I took this step. You can still stick around to find out what happens to Josiah Turn – he’s in it for the long haul.


Only about 68 hours remain on this Kickstarter campaign. But I spent too much of my life quitting to give up now. There’s still time for you to preorder my book and help me accomplish my goals. There’s still time to offer your money to support freelance editors, small printers, and independent filmmakers. There’s still time. What are you waiting for?

Initial Post:

Project Title: The Founding of Josiah Turn

Funding Period: June 5, 2014 – June 20, 2014

Funding Goal: $9,000

Funding Purposes: 1) editing by Chuck Sambuchino; 2) physical print run

Stretch Goal: $14,000

Stretch Goal Purpose: cinematic book trailer by Red 14 Films

Rewards: Awesome! Check out the campaign for details and dollar amounts.

Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if you can pledge even $1, please do so before the funding period ends. Your support – even reading this page – means everything to me!

My thanks goes out to the following people for their help, support, and collaboration to date:

My family, especially my mother, who is my biggest supporter, and my friends

Sheradee Hurst for making me look better in pictures

Audrey Dodgen for turning my pathetic attempt at a Kickstarter video into something pretty amazing

Melissa Stevens for taking on the design of my precious book baby and rocking it

Chuck Sambuchino and Red 14 Films for allowing me to connect their names to this campaign

The local book club that beta read my novel for May 2014

Author and blogger Brooks Benjamin for sharing my campaign with his own adoring fans

Author and blogger S.M. Johnston for pulling me out of Pitch Madness slush, giving me the X-Men line, and sharing my campaign from Australia

Every single person who reads this page, views the campaign, or otherwise supports the idea of creativity or me


My First Kickstarter!

UPDATE 6/20/2014

Thank you so much for every ounce of support you gave this campaign. Unfortunately, the campaign ended unsuccessfully today. But this is not the end of me or my characters. Stick around to see what becomes of us!

Initial Post:

So, folks, I launched my first Kickstarter campaign today, and HOORAY!!

Whether you can leave a kind comment, pitch in a dollar, or share the campaign with others, please visit the campaign, The Founding of Josiah Turn. The campaign has a short timeline of 15 days, so go now…I’ll wait.

Welcome back! To read more on this site, visit the Kickstarter 6/5-6/20 or The Founding of Josiah Turn pages.

Non-monetary ways to support:

Thank you!

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