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  • Book Camp, Day 3

    Book Camp, Day 3

    Something entirely new. That was today’s lesson. An adaptation seeks to create something entirely new–not out of nothing but out of things that already exist. Baking We can make apples into virtually anything: pie, cobbler, cake, cookies, sauce, jelly, butter, tart, bread, sausage, juice, smoothies, and on and on. Can you leap to something entirely… Continue reading

  • Idealist, Dreamer, Realist, Do-er

    Still a valid question. -AS Idealist, Dreamer, Realist, Do-er Originally posted on a 6s community on January 11, 2011 at 10:55am What good have you created in the world today that wasn’t there before? In a world too big for my human hands, in a global society too fractured for my little resources to mend,… Continue reading

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