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Book Camp, Day 0

Welcome to Book Camp 2020!! Our theme, which the campers have only partially known for weeks: A, B, C, Ps. But we also refer to it as quarantine camp, since our campers and I have been quarantined for two weeks before today. Now it’s masks off and time to party work!

For the uninitiated, Book Camp is a camp I host at my home in the summer for my three boys and two nieces during which we study storytelling, craft, books, and adaptations, as well as life and race and gender and equity and whatever else comes up. The world tends to give us plenty to discuss. Sometimes it is short–last year we had four full days. Sometimes it is long–this year we have twelve full days!

A few years ago we added a fort. The first fort was a bit of a lean-to. Last year, it became a structure. This year, we’ve installed some improvements: LED lights, back rails, refrigerator, floor pillows (Target has so many designs and they are amazing!), fort friends. And by we I mean my lovely husband, obviously.

Last year we added a prompt jar–a jar full of random words we draw out each morning to kickstart our writing. This year, we will each write six-sentence stories using the words drawn every day.

We began a new registration this year in which each person had temperature checks and ear checks. Why ears? Because my sister is a doctor and she can get that wax out, that’s why. The kids signed up for their individual times to play instruments, to fulfill their group write obligation, to be first player on the X-Box, to have one-on-one time with me, and help with lunches and suppers. They checked in their devices and instruments and bikes and games and snacks. We’re going to have a ton of evening innings this year, as outings are, well, out.

Generally on this blog, you know my children as Eldest, Middling, and Third. My nieces have been known by various code names. This year, I’m using the snack they brought to share to identify them, so from oldest to youngest we have: Wasabi, Figgy, Cheese Ball, Cheeze Ball, and Twiz.

The other official acts today: welcome gifts, rules reading, camp format reveal, group write framework, first assignment receipt, fort tour, and special note-giving.

Lights out isn’t for another 4.5 hours, and the X-Box is barely warm. But in a little bit, the assistant director (aka lovely husband) will serve us his famous french toast and we will tuck in with a cool and cozy inning, away from the massive heat outdoors and the masking constraints further afield.

If you have followed this blog, you may be wondering how on earth this two-week camp will work with my work. There are several key factors: 1) the kids are ages 12-15 and all that that implies; 2) this ain’t our first rodeo; 3) my teleworking means I’m close enough if needed throughout business hours; 4) the kids’ structured independent and group scheduling throughout business hours means I’m not on book-camp time; 5) well-designed rules, particularly concerning the office; and 6) book camp intensives before and after working hours.

It should be a singular book camp for all the reasons. In a time when kids have lost a lot–friend time, overnight camps, day camps, vacations, freedom, closeness, etc–it feels awesome to provide something they have anticipated with tremendous joy. As Figgy said while walking through the house, “This is gonna be a GREAT Book Camp!”

The big blue book of assignments

P.S. I got a whistle, a megaphone, and a personal air purifier. My camper-parents are the best! Without their support, this annual event could not happen. Thank you!!

P.P.S. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Any brand names appearing in this blog are trademarks of the companies that own those trademarks. The appearance of any product does not imply endorsement and none of it is paid placement, though if anybody wants to pay me to place megaphones, Pillow Fort, or Cheese Balls on this site, you know where to find me!

Book Camp Life

Book Camp 2016, Day 6

Hello, lovelies! Book Camp has seen its last nightly hurrah, and we go to bed exhausted, contented, and very blessed.

This morning, we began with a walk that took us about a mile and a half round trip. We gloried in a neighboring greenbelt rather than our asphalt art museum. After a quick refreshment of cantaloupe and vanilla ice cream (thank you, Grandma Bell, for teaching me to snack well in summer!), we began our writing for the day.
The kids each started at a point of importance in their stories and wrote in thirty-minute increments with twenty minutes of play time in between. We broke for lunch and dove into our last writing session in the early afternoon. Our last two sessions (not including two play sessions) involved me reading each story aloud to a blindfolded group of writers. After each reading, we circled the group giving praise and construction to build up our stories.

We wound up the evening with sandwiches, watermelon, and a very special treat: cake balls! Blue velvet cake balls! Not coated but rolled in this! MMMMMMMMM!!

We also finished a book together and cleaned up our scattered belongings. Not too bad for a day’s work, if I do say so myself!

And because I promised I would tell the world, we voted on our two funniest accidental art captures from yesterday’s exploration walk / slideshow:

Naked Lady Reclining


Donald Trump in a Convertible
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