Discipline: Spiritual Disciplines Handbook

I touched on this last week, but measuring growth in discipline is not a thing my spreadsheets have allowed. When I finally received one of the recommended* books on spiritual disciplines [Spiritual Disciplines Handbook], it affirmed my big fear: discipline is not a well-measured affair. The author, Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, went so far as to … Continue reading Discipline: Spiritual Disciplines Handbook

Parenting Discipline: Connectedness

When I researched parental discipline, I could find little guidance on being a more disciplined parent. I read what I could find regarding parenting practices and distilled my own list of parenting disciplines: Demonstrating Godly Love, Connectedness, Instruction, Physical Independence, and Dependence on God. Today, I want to talk about connectedness, that bridge between humans. My … Continue reading Parenting Discipline: Connectedness