Discipline: Become More Flexible

The toughest years of my depression by far were 2008-2010. Coming out of the fog of that internal war, I realized I had become inflexible. Depression had stolen nearly all my flexibility. My parents, those lovely people I adore and trust, would call and offer to take the kids off my hands for a few … Continue reading Discipline: Become More Flexible

Discipline: Practice Instead of Procrastinate or Obsess

Trigger/Content Warning for depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. In April, I wrote about my most recent suicidal ideation. That post was pretty close to the event both in time and in language, and I don't want to relitigate it. Today, I want to tell you the concrete steps that helped me go from that April post … Continue reading Discipline: Practice Instead of Procrastinate or Obsess

Discipline: Capacity to Wonder

I've talked a couple of times (at least) about my theme of discipline leading me to a book [Spiritual Disciplines Handbook], which led me to a specific discipline (mindfulness), which asked me to pray for a greater capacity to wonder. This post is how this year's theme increased my capacity to wonder in nonmiraculous ways. As a Christian, I believe in the … Continue reading Discipline: Capacity to Wonder