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Category: Before I Might

Before I Might: Two

Riding in the ambulance is neat. Awkward. But sort of a nonevent. Even if the EMTs do regard me with uncertain malice. Those conspirators formerly known as Mom and Dad follow in their entourage of shame. “Have you ever seen a bullet wound?” Old-EMT-Guy says, his voice dripping with sage sage-yness. “Have you?” I ask. “As a matter o’ fact, little lady, I have,” he says, “and it’s a horrible sight. Maybe you should ride along with us some of these days and get an eyeful.” “Let’s just call this… Read more Before I Might: Two

Before I Might: One

Below the horizontal line is the first installment of a new serialized novel, Before I Might. Enjoy! You must know, I die at the end. And, since you asked, yes, it hurt. In every sense imaginable to humans in my time. I could make this all a guessing game, make you work for the end or even riddle it out. But I want you to know that I die because then maybe you can focus on why. I mean, I don’t know how long mankind has been able to witness… Read more Before I Might: One