A Bit About Me


Amanda Salisbury came to her artistic life in a roundabout way. With degrees in history, law, and business, she worked in corporate law for several years before returning to her true loves: words and lines. Her best stories are created through the lenses of her education and experience, giving each story its own political undertow, while her illustrations evoke the basic elements that symbolize home, comfort, and room to grow. Having taken art classes only in high school, Amanda continues to study artists and to explore her own style, returning often to ink and pencil.

Amanda Salisbury is author of The Founding of Josiah Turn, a novel, and the author-illustrator of Moon Mail and Star Kisses, a picture book. She currently writes The Right to Be Forgotten, a serialized novel published on this site.

Amanda lives with her husband and three boys in a lair, a classroom, or a castle, depending on the moment. Her roots extend from Oklahoma to Appalachia and beyond. She enjoys creating characters with voice and heart.

She is a member-manager of ShyJot Publications, LLC, a family-owned entity formed for the pursuit of art.

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