Writing Retreat, Day 2 + Bonus

Day two of the writing retreat hit a bit of turbulence. Of the not-being-in-a-secluded-area-without-loved-ones variety. It was still pretty productive! Or at least I finished an edit and got some great brainstorming in.

Then my husband said those six little words every writer wants to hear: Do you want to write tomorrow?

I’m relatively sure my face turned into a heart-eyes emoji. I fell in love again, again!

So I rose this morning happy and electric. And I’ve made a mile or two on some short stories. It has been fantastic.

This has been the retreat I need. A little mental space carved into the Covid-19 quarantine to catch up to myself.

I’m not quite done. I’ve got a few hours left in me so I can go to bed exhausted and happy with three full days’ work.

Huge thanks to my family, both in the house and out. They delivered plates of food twice a day straight to my desk. They indulged my complete ignorance of them. They listened to me babble on breaks. Thank you, loves!

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