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Chasing Accidental Art

So normal is not a thing. It never has been, really. But we liked to think of the way things were as normal. There is how we behave today.

Today we keep our distance. Today we wash our hands. Today we exorcise our demons through ethical dilemmas over whether to order grocery delivery.

Oklahoma City sprawls, quite literally, over 621 square miles. With an estimated population of about 650,000 people. That doesn’t include all the little towns shoehorned into and around the City. Still, you would think we’d have plenty of space to spread out.

Yet, the once-empty neighborhood streets I walk are now populated. People are biking, jogging, walking, strolling, and strutting. Don’t ask. That should feel like a win – yay health! But it feels like an intrusion. As my husband says, if you’re Oklahoma-downwind of a sneeze, you’re bound to catch something.

So finding accidental art was once easy. With open streets and open skies and no one to carve a six-foot berth around, one could find art everywhere.

Today that’s a little harder. But it happens.


This feather, which I cannot identify, was sitting beautifully in my yard when I took the dog out. I ran inside and called for everyone to come see it before it was lost to the wind. It miraculously stayed put. Even long enough to capture a picture.

Now it’s my commandment: Find accidental art. Every day.

Find some accidental art of your own. In a not-normal world, we can still find beauty and serendipity and art.



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