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Kinda Quarantined

So I’ve been kinda quarantined for a week due to influenza A. My son fell ill, coughed on my face, though he’s well old enough to do better, and here we are. I’m on the mend, able to sit up and type and everything. And the boy is mended as well.

You may recall my flu reserve and storm reserve. Well, now I’ve got a quarantine reserve. It consists of two weeks of meals (three a day for five people) and snacks (one a day for five people). It also includes established health, beauty, and cleaning aids because who knows what I’ll be out of when the real quarantine comes?

Last weekend my husband and I bought all the things. It looked like a shopping trip for a two-week stay somewhere plus a few oddments like dry milk and egg replacer. We did not load up on extra extras but simply enough for two weeks, assuming our family is ill. You can see the pdf for what I consider pantry staples, as well as paper good and cleaning product essentials. I presume I’ll get by on whatever herbs and spices I have on hand, which are generally plentiful. The boys helped us organize everything in plastic tubs with lids. Most of the food went into the freezer.


Let me acknowledge my privilege. We had the funds to purchase two weeks of supplies we won’t necessarily use right away. And we have the storage space to keep all those supplies. Many many people lack one or both of these things. Which is why it is important to do what you can do.

If those of us who can gather supplies do, then we are well positioned to aid those who cannot. Because this Covid-19 crisis requires all of us, each doing our utmost.

If your utmost is handwashing, then wash hands like a pro. If you are a community planner or leader, plan and lead. If you own a business or run an entity, use this opportunity to plan for future worst case scenarios. If your utmost is to cook healthy meals for yourself, do it. Get the sleep you need. Watch something that makes you laugh. Make a list of ways to support your local economy while quarantined (hint: buy gift cards and later use coupons). Call your people and answer when they call you.

Mostly, be well and be good.


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