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I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts tonight. I feel…weird. Like deleter’s remorse. But also not. I know it was the right decision for me.

I joined Facebook July 30, 2010, in the grips of a family crisis. I served my family and their friends through updates. Likewise, others served me through comfort.

When I realized that I was no longer serving through social media and that social media no longer served me, the decision became easy. I’m so grateful for the social media relationships I’ve had, which have been overwhelmingly positive. I’m thankful to have witnessed so much living through so many.

As I begin a new chapter, you can find me here on this blog. You can find me at Patreon for short fiction and brief updates. And you can email me at amandasalisburysocial[at]gmail[dot]com.

I hope to cultivate more in-life relationships as I step away from two big avenues for online relationships. In-life simply means one-on-one. In my life. And in others’ lives.

Thank you for a beautiful near-decade on social media!

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