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Book Camp 2019, Day 1

Day one of book camp is in the books. (Look! I’m punny!)

The theme of book camp this year: Suggestion Box. I took all the kids’ suggestions and combined them. This required the kids to do a bunch of work ahead of time, including four character design worksheets and their opus. Now, the opus is simply their master work for this camp.

Today’s suggestion was Script & Screen. We discussed script format. We also read through a partial screenplay for Pixar’s Inside Out. Then we studied the one-act play format.

Once they understood format, we brainstormed some important details to our own one-act plays. First, we wrote down a brief description of the climax for each one-act play. Second, each of us determined how many characters and which ones were critical to the climax for our own play. Third, we defined our resolutions. Finally, we determined the latest possible starting place for the play to make sense.

When we set out to write our one-act plays, the kids had tons of questions. Within about ten minutes, the five kids and I were scribbling away. I will critique each play tonight. Each kid will critique one other play in the morning before our new assignment begins.

Husband has built an epic book camp fort!

We’re watching the first Men in Black movie (as we discuss adaptations, comics, and character design across mediums).

But now I need to go. Butterbeer and brownies are calling!

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