The Disappearance

It was nearing Christmas and I had raging double ear infections. I left my house the night before to go for a walk as everyone slept. It wasn’t until the next day I thought how supremely foolish it might be to walk out with no one knowing. Yet the night sky and earth were their own peace.


The Disappearance

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, December 20, 2010 at 12:35pm

The silver night clings to my exposed flesh, damp as it is from the heat of my slumber, and I peel away the garments that hold the night sweat near, bringing new and unabashed chill. The household is quiet, and I pull a fresh robe around my aching body as I step silently toward the back door. I am both compelled to leave this sanctuary and drawn out into the night beyond; thus it is with a self-satisfying thrill that I turn the knob and enter the world.

Tendrils of damp hair curse my neck and shoulders with an audacity rarely encountered, but I do not retreat. Intoxicated with the knowledge of my own walk, I breathe in shallow plumes that precede me as my only guard.

Such is the disappearance of normalcy.

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