6 Minutes to End

Enjoy a little flash fiction!


6 Minutes To End

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, August 15, 2011 at 10:44am

Six minutes to end, you kiss your life-love, sending the sum of your love through your lips, wound about your tongue, and seeping from skin to skin.

Five minutes to end, you swing each boy in a circle until he shrieks with giggles and emblazons the safe chaos of the spin upon his small and steady heart.

Four minutes to end, you throw open the doors and shed your broken skin, greeting the sun with shiny shoulders and a smile to live by.

Three minutes to end, you bite into a plum whose skin can barely contain it, but you notice nothing outside the very taste of summer.

Two minutes to end, you watch the rolling clouds and wonder at the rain’s lullaby that will tempt your sweet flesh from behind its veil.

One minute to end, the cold fat drops foretell of hailstones, the children scamper toward the door, he grips you in his arms, pressing your bodies into a whole, and you never see the end coming, and there are no more goodbyes.

What say you?

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