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An Empty Vessel and Broken

This is interesting. I don’t remember it at all but I feel almost certain it must have reflected whatever was happening on that day in 2011.


An Empty Vessel and Broken

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, February 14, 2011 at 9:40am

The reporters use it as the symbol of a shattered people; academics use it as a metaphor for a total reclamation. It is an empty vessel and broken.

The photograph will win accolades and awards for the photographer, not because the piece is remarkable but because the thing will have hemmed in a wicked and corrupt government, brought down the wrath of the world, moved ordinary humans to extraordinary measures. On a dust-colored, unfocused background, sits a tall clay pot, half missing, probably reduced to the earth from which it came, and nothing spills forward but the inner darkness strikes the heart of the clay and of the picture.

If you later learn that the photo was taken on a reservation in New Mexico or in a studio in New York or any of thousands of innocuous locations, would you give it less credit for revolution, global outcry, the mending of a people and their simple rights as humans? The photo secures it high position in history because of its movement to action, and would the fraud be worth the while?

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