Woman on the Verge



Woman on the Verge

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, April 23, 2011 at 1:10pm

The cotton skirt flapped harmlessly above her knees as she channeled joy through her smile. The photo would record the colors more blandly than she remembered and the wind more stout than she remembered. Staring at her nearly nineteen-year-old self, she sighed under the force of so much awe. Had her belly really been so round, her gloves so daffodil yellow, her raven mass of hair so sleek piled atop her head?

If she could write a note for her younger self, would she tell her of the impending struggle, the unexpected outcomes, all the heartache that would, at times, washout the joy and the hope and the contented rush of staring into the long future?

No, she determined, the girl deserved at least the opportunity to exist on the rollercoaster range of human experience for the first breath-stealing time without any warning, without pulling back, with the spirit of a woman on the verge of everything.

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