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Endless Creativity Across the Generations

This is as hopeful as I can get sometimes.


Endless Creativity Across the Generations

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, May 23, 2011 at 10:52am

My grandparents survived the Great Depression; my children’s entire childhoods will be mired in the Great Recession.

My grandparents were part of a generation that reinvented American ingenuity; my children will be tasked with reinventing a global ingenuity.

My grandparents traversed their years in everything from covered wagon and horseback to naval ships and cars; my children’s generation must decide how to make travel cleaner than any of the options of all our pasts.

My grandparents picked cotton, hand laundered clothes, moved to follow the work; my children must relearn the old lessons to reduce the poisons that made our grandparents’ lives and our lives “easier” and “better” and “comfortable,” for the toxicity of that easier, better, comfortable living has reached critical mass.

My grandparents didn’t have all the answers; my children won’t have all the answers either.

Perhaps there is no more excellent way but to enter adulthood with the burdening trials of too many ancestors; perhaps it is in having a problem that a generation can persist with urgency, courage, and fortitude to create a new brand of solutions.

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