My Two-Inch Revelation

This one is autobiographical and I am speaking to the difference height makes between me and Husband.


My Two-Inch Revelation

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, January 28, 2011 at 7:00pm

Oh, my, the world is altogether different on two-inch heels, altogether different. A tiny wedge of additional height boasts too rich a change in perspective. This is why the keys do not hide from you atop the entertainment center, why sun catches every golden fleck in your eyes in the late afternoon, why your back knots from leaning into the kitchen sink to wash dish after dirty dish.

You were right that the picture above our bed hangs to the left; I can see that now so clearly that I wonder at the obviousness of it, how I could have missed it before.

Were you right about the rest, about me, about whatever might be left? Can the shadow perspectives of my two-inch elevation be unmistakably accurate from where you stand?

What say you?

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