Of One and Eleven

This was a particularly difficult class lecture, obviously, though this is all I now remember of it.


Of One and Eleven

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, April 21, 2010 at 10:30pm

Silence is a tool I use to suit the situation in which the eleven stare blankly, loathing me, deploring the process, desperate to give me nothing I may want. And, the silence unwinds the unspoken pact you eleven share, you know, the one where you exercise your mighty numbers to my humility. Ah, but then, I am remarkably comfortable in silence.

I stand patiently and wait for you to crack, and the stress fracture reaches maximum tolerance, and you relent, you eleven, how quaint, almost as if I orchestrated the evening…almost.

Of course I do not control you, and I do not want to. You alone are responsible for accepting the tools I offer and using them to your own collective (and individual) benefit, even now I have only forced you to relinquish your salty silence, but the ocean of resistance calms enough for me to ride the remainder of tonight’s class.

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