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Accidental Art

We don’t have showings like this anymore. Now, the bits and bobs go into jars in my office, or like during Book Camp, we take pictures only.



Accidental Art

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, June 6, 2011 at 1:57pm

“How to be an Explorer of the World” stows quietly in my shoulder bag as we flip-flop our way into the morning steam. The mission today: Find Accidental Art.

Corroded pennies and broken bits of glass tile, bent wire and a broken cell phone and an utterly smashed bottle cap are added to the bag, but the blue paint splatter and the budding branch cradled by the curb, the oil splotch and the bird poo graffiti must emblazon their artistic qualities upon our minds.

They’re sleeping now, Eldest and Middling and Third; tonight we’ll unveil our first showing if we can contain ourselves until Daddy opens the garage, crosses the house, and finds us giddy and hopeful before the serene makeshift gallery. I hope the art and the abstraction enter their brains and multiply in the cool of naps and night; I deeply desire their growth of eyes upon eyes for viewing their worlds.

I wonder if they’ll sign autographs.

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  1. Lovely bllog you have here

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