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Let’s Just Say I’m a Superhero with My Mind Powers

Even today, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. This was an actual conversation between me and Eldest when he was six years old. I typed as he spoke, even giving me the title. He wasn’t born in the caul for nothing!


Let’s Just Say I’m a Superhero with My Mind Powers

  • Originally posted on a 6s community, August 12, 2011 at 10:24am

“You’re mad at me; I can feel your anger coming into my body.”

“I’m not mad, but I am tired of this behavior.”

“No, I can, like, read people’s minds; I don’t know why, I just can. I can feel every person’s choice, whether they’re angry or sad or upset or happy. I don’t want to feel all these things, but I want to protect the world with my mind reading, because it makes me a really very good person, and I want to help all the babies in the world, strangers and their families because I can feel their feelings and know how to help them all over the world, and I know why Andy died: because he believed in God and also because he was very sick; and I know you slept in a hotel all the time you were gone and you cried. This is just what I want to do, to help, because I know when people are going to hurt each other, even penguins, and I sense that some penguins are killing each other, I can sense all these things, and this is my job, to help the universe.”

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