For the One About Whom I Never Write

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For the One About Whom I Never Write – She Thinks It’s Because She’s Not Experienced Enough Hardened Earth
  • Originally posted on a 6s community on April 28, 2011 at 8:19pm

A woman has choices, maybe too many to ever feel truly settled. Access to forge new paths can lead to a nomadic existence for some humans.

A woman who reminds me of the iridescent pink of a hypersaturated sunrise transcends the common confines of place and time, though I’ve not figured her method.

She strolls among the mossy and ancient woods along the winding footpath that follows the raging river, and there she picks flowers to braid into memories crowning her head as matriarch, glancing westward to the fierce rafter careening over rapids and overtaking the white water of others’ tribulation.

In both places she heals; in both times she teaches; in both figures she is complete.

Yet many days draw more strength from her than they return, and her weary eyes speak more truth than any words: she is unsettled by choice, corporeal in two worlds at one time, excelling by the work of her hands, her mind, her very soul.

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