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Jane’s Dugout

Often, on the 6s community, I found inspiration in the writings of others. Full disclosure: I don’t remember or have a copy of the thread that inspired this, but I do have warm memories of the women on that thread.


Jane’s Dugout
  • Originally posted on a 6s community on August 11, 2011 at 11:07am
  • Fiction inspired by the Teresa, Grey, Gita thread

Charlamaigne Annaliese Tribideau (a family name) Fitzpatrick typically preferred Charlie with a hard “ch”, briefly – in college – answered only to Channa with a soft “ch”, and changed her name today to Jane Smith, purposefully uninspired, distinctly indistinct; thus begins her new life.

The courthouse air moves little, and that with the must of ancient smoke and the degradation of so many pointless slips of paper; indeed, the only papers of consequence are the new name paper and the deed she crumples with joy flowing through her fingertips.

Jane’s light and fire overpower the moist, exorbitant heat engorged by the cityscape.

She walks past her heiress-worthy Mercedes with doors unlocked and keys in ignition. Dripping with determination, she wills her stony and exhausted heart forward in revolution over scarred streets, through the fringes of gated communities, to the solitary willow on a horizon of green-dotted red clay.

Parting the branches, Jane Smith throws open the door of her posh dugout, delves into the belly of her land, and breathes the perfume of the earth.

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