Book Camp 2016, Day 5

We began the day with an exploration walk during which we looked for accidental art. The idea comes from “How to Be an Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith. This book is fantastic! And also to blame for the many bits of rubble to be found in my office. For this walk, we shared a camera to document accidental art. The slide show:

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We also took a survey today in which we answered five questions from our own perspectives and from our protagonists’ perspectives.CharacterSurvey.20160609.blank copy.jpg

After refreshments, we plotted a few primary details to get our prinicple writing started.

BeginningNotes20160609 copy

We followed with another water day, as we call it ’round here. Then Husband made us French toast – the best on earth – and eggs to order. And we’re rounding out our day with Zootopia, because it’s fun and because we can use it to discuss character development a la the extras and this.

So despite the raging headache that keeps me from making this post more awesome, I’ll sleep sweetly tonight as I dream about our writing day tomorrow. May you tell stories!

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