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Book Camp 2016, Day 2

We breakfasted at Krispy Kreme before making a Target run for new journals. Back at home, the quintet of writers took in some fresh air and Oklahoma sunshine before we hit the books. (Kindly, of course.)

The first topic on our agenda: Structure. We drew graphs of the five-act and three-act structures. We used Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as our template to discuss structure. Then we ate sandwiches and indulged in watching the movie we discussed. The best part: the kids’ comments. Like, “hashtag antagonist!” And, “Chekhov’s gun!”

The afternoon saw us at Belle Bakery, snacking and learning about character. We each worked on the vital statistics for one of our own characters. Then we worked through our characters’ strengths and flaws, fears, and conflicts. The session was an excellent opportunity to get us out of our own heads and into the heads of our characters.

Our dinner trip to Norman filled our bellies and our hearts so we could return to camp and prepare to write tomorrow!

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