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Keeping Records of Your Madness

Not much has changed for me, except I don’t have diapers around much and except text messages – those things have really revolutionized my existence! Y’all should check it out.    🙂

I’ll still use any old thing I can. Feel free to share your methods in the comments!


Keeping Records of Your Madness
  • Originally posted for discussion in a 6s community on April 26, 2011 at 10:28am

To augment our discussion of methods and madness, share with us the craziest or least conventional way you’ve ever recorded your madness.

I recently answered someone that I must record things to capture them, else they take flight never to return. I’ve scribbled on the backs of receipts, clean diapers (though not while in use), envelopes, and student papers (very occasionally). I’ve recorded legends as I tell them to my children, and I’ve recorded songs that strike me at odd times, and I’ve recorded photos that strike some chord deep within (though I sometimes cannot reconnect later). On one magical mother’s day nearly two years ago now, I unrolled my children’s art (butcher) paper and made a six-foot timeline. I’ve sketched in a park while my children ran about. I’ve pulled over on the side of the road and scratched a message into a paper with my fingernails to be sorted out later. I’ve used toilet paper – also unused – and paper towels, which makes it even sweeter that my first child’s newborn statistics were recorded on labor room paper towels that I still treasure. I’ve never ever sent myself a text message – I’m far too slow and the digits would surely lose their magic before I selected ‘send’.

If you are one who must record, how do you do so in a pinch?

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