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The Spell of Chihuly in Nashville

Chihuly2.20160526.WebMy sister and I visited Nashville in 2010 amidst our grief for our nephew and, while there, for my sister’s friend. We were there for hope and a diagnosis regarding autonomic systems. The diagnosis did not come but we enjoyed being in the world together. We visited the outdoor Chihuly exhibit and I was spellbound (in my wheelchair).


The Spell of Chihuly in Nashville
  • Originally posted on a 6s community on June 24, 2011 at 12:55pm

With the flare in my eyes all is silver and gold and glowing green, the way I remember a gossamer dream from days long departed. Every thing is a mixed composition of shadow and spectrum and light. Millions of beating wings take flight through the too-dense air of autumn. Perched as I am, both crippled and blinded, my view is precocious, unbinded, as down below children call to the glass. I wish to sit in this moment, I wish to stand indolent, among the fray of a Wednesday night people. The patina of sweat on my skin washes undisturbed, we share not a single word but take the beauty and go.Chihuly1.20160526.Web

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