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Sundrop Contagion

I’m sharing this post today because it echoes how I feel and because it’s a blessed thing to remember former happiness.


Sundrop Contagion

  • Originally posted in the 6s community March 9, 2010 at 6:10pm


The sun is out, and I am, too, out amid the teasing breeze as the birds keep time with their song for me. I am as untouchable as that flaming, undying light that marks so much of human existence. My jubilation is intoxicating, contagious, well-endowed; and those around me need not know the cause of my mirth; though they guess, their attributions are poorly aimed. For the root of my joy is mine alone, though the heady exhilaration is necessarily, fundamentally embedded in all who experience it. The sun is like that, too. Her sundrops land whether or not she wills, but her energy is only hers and any imitation absolutely falls short of her glory.SundropContagion2.20160506.Web

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