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Receive Free RtBF Compilation!!

Hi, y’all! I have a nice shiny compilation of The Right to Be Forgotten ready for your eyes. This compilation, dated today, includes the Preamble through Fifty-Three – all the parts available via this site as of today. I’m offering the compilation for free to anyone who wants so that you can catch up before diving back into the serial publication.

Remember: This work is experimental and serial. The compilation includes segments as they were originally published on this site, so you might find typographical errors.

A final compilation of the as-is series will be similarly offered when it is ready.

For a polished final version, you must be a Patreon patron of my words and art at the $10/month level for at least one month.

To receive

The Right to Be Forgotten,

Preamble through Fifty-Three,


May 3, 2016 compilation:

  1. Fill out this linked contact form.
  2. In the form, let me know you want it.
  3. Provide a real email address

Then the partial book will fly its way to your inbox forthwith!

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