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Traveler & Winter Remembers Summer

Over the weekend I listed two new artworks at Saatchi Art.

Traveler, a copper pipe sculpture, honors the meander. The path between two points doesn’t have to be straight to be worthwhile. The upcycled copper pipe has journeyed, too, from use to disuse to art.

The copper pipe has earned a patina and its hardware has earned some scars. When I imagine the forces applied, the weathering, the impact of time on the pipe, I am reminded of my own path to today.

Traveler, Copper Sculpture, 21″ H x 51.3″ W x 5.3″
Traveler, Close View 1
Traveler, Close View 2
Traveler, Close View 3

The other artwork also expresses a journey. Winter Remembers Summer demonstrates the stretch of cold toward warmth and the change it creates. The friction of these two forces is evident in oil pastel over textured watercolor paper.

Winter Remembers Summer, Oil Pastel on Watercolor Paper, 15″ H x 11″ W

You can purchase these pieces (and gobs of others’ art) at Go support artists!

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