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Human is Our Race

I wrote this a couple of years ago and painted it on my wall. I want to just whisper it into the world tonight. Because I can’t magically fix the problems. Because I don’t have the standing or the resources to right the wrongs of today or any day. Because all I have in this moment are these words.

In this moment lies every moment

The strength of our victory

The vulnerability of our failure

The beauty of our unity

The brilliance of our difference

The comfort of our suffering

The joy of our bliss

The singular chance of us lies complete

In this moment

Wherever we are, whoever we are, whatever we are, we have this moment, packed as it is with all our failings and victories, however great or slight. We have this moment to begin the change. We have every moment to continue the change. We can change ourselves. We can teach our children, our friends, our loved ones, our enemies, our allies. We can learn from them, too. Together, we are the ultimate catalysts, and human is our race.

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